There is now a large amount of information available about most of the popular canoe tripping routes in Scotland. Consulting maps, guides and blogs will give lots of detail about access points, what difficulties and hazards might be lying in wait, right through to interesting things to see along the way

Song of the Paddle forum. An excellent source of up-to-date information. This forum has been central to the current surge in popularity in canoe touring.

Scottish Canoe Association

Scottish Canoe Touring: An SCA Canoe and Kayak Guide (Scottish Canoe Association). Palmer, E (ed). Pesda Press. 2005. The best index of existing routes. Essential.

Scottish Canoe Classics: Twenty-five Great Canoe and Kayak Trips. Palmer, E.  Pesda Press.  2007. More information on a selection of the most popular routes. Some of the photos are good, but as a whole the book misses the chance to inspire.

The UK Rivers Guidebook forum

Has some information on rivers suitable for touring.


Scottish Canoe Routes

Sources on the early history of Scottish canoe touring: