Scottish Canoe Routes

Canoe routes in Knapdale Forest

Paddling is popular on the sea lochs, such as Loch Sween, that fringe this region, but canoe routes into the heart of Knapdale have a special appeal because they run through heavily wooded country, unlike the open mountainscape on most Scottish trips. Undeveloped canoe routes, forested terrain and well-spaced lochs create special challenges to canoeing here. Although logging roads provide good trolleying for linking certain lochs, this is primarily the land of the portage.  Not for the faint-hearted, canoeing here requires a sixth sense for scoping out portage routes and well-developed navigation skills. The reward is a unique canoeing experience and the chance of seeing beavers and ospreys.

This region is also worth considering in conditions when the large open lochs might be too wild. It is low lying, and the forests and short, sharp hills help to break up the wind. The lochs are small and so large waves have less chance to form.

Being a forested area, extreme caution should be taken here with fires.